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From 2018 - 2022,  I had the honor and privilege of serving our West Oʻahu communities as a member of the Hawaiʻi State House of Representatives. From fighting to secure funding and support for our schools and local families, to navigating through one of the most challenging times in our history, I am proud of what we have accomplished during those years. 


However, the past two years have presented unprecedented challenges for our communities, marked by a rise in violence and numerous other issues plaguing West Oʻahu. It is with a deep sense of commitment and faith in our collective future that I am announcing my candidacy for Senate District 22. 

In the coming months, I am eager to engage directly with the community, listening to and discussing the concerns that impact our families. The journey will be demanding, but with your support, we will amplify the voices and address the needs of our communities at the Hawaiʻi Staet Capitol. 


If I can be of assistance in anyway, please reach out!

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